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DB Bahn, also known as Deutsche Bahn, the railway service provider in Germany, started at December 1835. It provides interconnections between cities and states. Railways system in Germany is one of the most advance and complete rail system in the world. Not only connecting cities in Germany, it also connects to other European countries, such as Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, etc. German train is powered by electricity, you are not going to see dark smoke from the head of the train. DB Bahn offers various type of train services for the convenience of passages. There are high speed train, regional train, inter city train services you can choose from.

Example of high speed trains: ICE, IC, EC, RJ, D and NZ
Example of regional trains: RE, IRE, RB and S-Bahn

Having budget concerns during traveling at Germany? Worry not! DB Bahn offers various promotional tickets with special rate to travelers. You can purchase promotional ticket online, and print it out at home, and get ready for validation by train conductors while you traveling. The promotional train tickets are good for long distance travel with many transits and you can enjoy local food and snacks on your way to your destiny. Here is the links to know more on promotional ticket: Bavaria/Bayern ticket, Quer Durchs Land ticket, and Europa Spezial ticket. However, if you are short of time during travel, high speed trains are recommended. Ticket purchase can be done online. Germany train ticket booking website is www.bahn.com. All trains are comfortable, but snacks only offered in high speed trains. You can always grab your snacks on any train stations. Options are always available!

Last but not least, happy ticketing and enjoy your trip!

German Train
German Train

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German Train System
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German Train System
DB Bahn, the railway service provider in Germany, connecting cities within Germany and other European countries. DB Bahn offers various promotional tickets with special rate to travelers.

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