German Train Tickets – Europa-Spezial

Europa-Spezial Ticket

1. Cross country promotional price ticket

Saver fare ticket for cross border train trips to or from Germany, for specific train route and specific time, fixed upon ticket purchase. In other words, if you miss the specific train, you will need to buy another ticket again. The key of Europa-Spezial ticket, at least part of the route has to be DB route. Do check DB Bahn website online to check for availability.

2. Ticket fare

For second class ticket, starts from 39 Euros.
For first class ticket, starts from 69 Euros.
Try to buy this ticket earliest possible, as this is limited saver fare ticket, could be sold out any time.

3. Validity documents

For ticket purchased online with credit card, both ticket and credit card has to be present with passenger, serve as identification document, needed during ticket validation. Train conductor validates the ticket during train ride. Since the ticket has already printed the particular route and time, validation at ticket validation machine is not required.

4. Validity train types

Valid for high speed trains! Yes, valid for high speed trains! For example, ICE, IC, EC, CNL.

Europa-Spezial Ticket

Europa-Spezial Ticket