German Train Tickets – Quer-Durchs-Land

Quer-Durchs-Land Ticket

1. One day train pass within Germany

Quer-Durchs-Land ticket valid for one day with coverage of entire Germany. It valid only on regional trains, look for symbols RB, S-Bahn, RE, IRE. NOT permitted on high speed trains, eg. IC, ICE, EC, RJ, CNL, etc. This ticket is almost similar to Bayern ticket, but valid whole Germany.

2. Ticket fare

Only second class ticket available, not possible to upgrade to first class. From 44 Euros per person, and second to fifth person only 8 euros supplement each. Maximum up to 4 additional accompanying travelers allowed. The number of accompanying passengers has to be locked down during ticket purchase. Quer-Durchs-Land ticket is fixed price ticket, it does not sell out, so no need to rush to buy ticket early.

3. Validity times

Ticket valid from 9am onward until 3am the next day, for weekdays.
For Saturday and Sunday, ticket valid all day, from 0am to 3am the next day.

4. Validity documents

Printed train ticket and credit card which payment was made are required for ticket validation by train conductor during train ride.

Quer Durchs Land Ticket
Quer Durchs Land Ticket