How to buy Sparpreis Europa Schweiz Ticket Online With Stopover City

One single Sparpreis Europa Schweiz Ticket could be used for journey up to maximum 2 stopover cities (a.k.a via point cities) as long as your stay at the stopover city is less than 48 hours. For example, I have to travel from Hinterzarten, the mysterious Blackforest in Germany to Interlaken, the beautiful village in Switzerland. At the same time, I would like to have a short one night stopover at Lucerne for the ancient wooden Chapel Bridge built during 14th century. What I need to do is just buy one single ticket to cover the entire journey. The best thing is that, you can set up to 2 stopover cities, just make sure each of the stopover do not exceed 48 hours. Great saving, isn’t it? šŸ™‚ Do purchase your Sparpreis Europa Schweiz Ticket earlier possible, as it is promotional ticket, first come first serve basis. You can buy it as early as 90 days ahead. Here is the step by step guide on how you can buy Sparpreis Europa Schweiz Ticket with stopover (via point) city:

1. Login to Germany railway service provider website,Ā by selecting the country. Click “Further search options”.

2. Key in your start and destination cities. Click the “Enter stopovers”.

3. Key in your stopover city name, and the stopover duration. Make sure the duration is not more than 48 hours. If you have second stopover city, just click again “Add another stopover”. Select your preferred train departure date and time. At transfer time, select “At least 15 minutes” to make sureĀ  you have enough time to walk over to your next train’s platform. Also, key in the number of passengers. Click “Search” button at the bottom right of the page.stopover3

4. A list of available times shown. Click the “>” arrow button to expand each of the travel time for details and pick a time you prefer. Under “Saver fares” column, click at the ticket price, eg. “58.00 EUR”.


5. Look for “Sparpreis Europa Schweiz” read the at the conditions. At the previous screen, below “Saver fares” and “58.00 EUR”, click “Purchase” button.

6. Key in the age of the travelers. Age is important as it impacts ticket fares. Click “Refresh” button.

7. Here you can see at the Passenger column, it displays the travellersā€™ age as you stated previously. Click the “Purchase” button again.

8. Here is the list of different ticket types. Click “Continue” button.

9. Sign up or login, select option “Credit card”.

10. Key in your credit card information. Do read the terms and conditions of online ticket. Please bring your credit card along with your self print ticket when you take the train. It is needed for train conductor to validate your ticket manually. Passport is not a valid ID when comes to ticket validation.