InterCity-Express ICE Train

Germany, a country well known of its engineering, have the most complete and leading train system in the world. There are a few types of train available in Germany. This article outlines one of the most frequently used, high speed train type, namely ICE (InterCity-Express).

ICE is managed and operated by DB (Deutsche Bahn) and it operates on more than 40000km of railway networks. ICE has more than 30000 trips daily, with estimation of 40 millions passenger capacity. It connects all major cities in Germany, such as Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin. ICE is considered the fastest train in Germany, where the top speed can easily exceed 300km/h. It is also a deluxe class of transportation, ensuring comfortable and pleasant journey. ICE train is equipped with air conditioner, children play area, snack bar, toilets, luggage area, disable facilities and most importantly, WIFI! Free wifi is provided along the journey on train. This is really convenient for travelers, especially for those who need to plan their journey. Luggage areas are fitted with racks and locks. However, users need to pay to use the lock. It is like the trolley at supermarket or airport, where you need to insert a coin to release the lock. The train carriages can be categorized to first and second class. Trains carriages often labelled with the number “1” for first class and “2” for second class at the exterior of carriages. It is design in such a way so that passengers can easily identify the classes of carriage to avoid confusion and ensure smooth boarding.

InterCity-Express ICE Train
InterCity-Express ICE Train

ICE train also connects Germany to other Euro zones, including Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherland and France. Some example of ICE routes:
– Frankfurt to Munich, Hamburg and Cologne
– Berlin to Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt
I started my Europe trip at Austria (Vienna, Salzburg, Hallstatt), to Czech Republic (Prague), to Germany (Fussen, Blackforest) and my trip ended at Switzerland (Lucerne, Interlaken, Zurich). I traveled to all those countries and cities by train, except for Czech Republic. No train option was available, so I took a bus tour.

Welcome aboard ICE train, and have a pleasant journey 🙂