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German Train Tickets – Europa-Spezial

Europa-Spezial Ticket

1. Cross country promotional price ticket

Saver fare ticket for cross border train trips to or from Germany, for specific train route and specific time, fixed upon ticket purchase. In other words, if you miss the specific train, you will need to buy another ticket again. The key of Europa-Spezial ticket, at least part of the route has to be DB route. Do check DB Bahn website online to check for availability.

2. Ticket fare

For second class ticket, starts from 39 Euros.
For first class ticket, starts from 69 Euros.
Try to buy this ticket earliest possible, as this is limited saver fare ticket, could be sold out any time.

3. Validity documents

For ticket purchased online with credit card, both ticket and credit card has to be present with passenger, serve as identification document, needed during ticket validation. Train conductor validates the ticket during train ride. Since the ticket has already printed the particular route and time, validation at ticket validation machine is not required.

4. Validity train types

Valid for high speed trains! Yes, valid for high speed trains! For example, ICE, IC, EC, CNL.

Europa-Spezial Ticket

Europa-Spezial Ticket

German Train Tickets – Bayern/Bavaria

Bayern/Bavaria Ticket

1. Regional train pass within Bayern state

Bayern ticket is one day regional train pass within Bayern a.k.a Bavaria state, eg. München(Munich), Füssen(Fussen).It also covers some border areas of Bayern state, eg. Salzburg in Austria. It provides you unlimited access to local trains, S-bahn, buses and trams for a day. This ticket is especially good for travelers who plan to cover most area within Bayern, including countryside.

2. Ticket fare

Bayern Day Ticket
For second class ticket, starts from 23 Euros, add 5 Euros for each additional passenger.
For first class ticket, starts from 34.50 Euros, add 16.50 Euros for each additional passenger.
Do note that maximum up to 4 additional passengers allowed. This also means traveling in group of 5 person giving you great saving as low as 8.6 Euros per person for second class ticket.

Bayern Night Ticket
For second class ticket, starts from 23 Euros, add 2 Euros for each additional passenger.
For first class ticket, starts from 34.50 Euros, add 13.50 Euros for each additional passenger.
This is fixed price, free seating ticket, it does not sell out, so there is no need to rush for buying or secure a ticket early. The ticket can also be used in such a way that partial passengers joining the group at the route along the way. Number of travelers has to be locked down during ticket purchase. Buy your ticket online at www.bahn.com. Buying ticket at ticket counters from train staff charge 2 Euros extra. Buying from ticket machines or online thru internet has no extra charge.

3. Validity times

For weekdays, Monday to Friday, ticket valid from 9am onward until 3am the following day.
For weekend, Saturday and Sunday, ticket valid all day, from 0am to 3am the following day.

4. Validity documents

Hard copy of the train ticket is required. For those who bought ticket online, do bring along the credit card you used for ticket payment. Both hard copy ticket and credit card are mandatory as identification document/ID for ticket validation by train conductor. Ticket bought online has date printed already, so there is no need to validate/stamp ticket at ticket validation machine anymore. Ticket validation is performed manually by the train conductor after train departure during your train ride. Ticket bough online has itinerary printed on ticket too, which can be ignored, as Bayern ticket allows you to take unlimited train ride within a day within Bayern state.

5. Validity train types

NOT valid on high speed trains, for example, ICE, IC, EC, RJ, D, NZ, TGV, CNL, EN.
Valid on regional train only, for example, RE, IRE, RB, S-Bahn, ALX, BOB.

Bayern/Bavaria Ticket
Bayern/Bavaria Ticket